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December 19, 2013 11:01 pm

“According to a new psychology paper, our political passions can even undermine our very basic reasoning skills. More specifically, the study finds that peop…
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  • gambella south sudan

    This poor government of salva kiir mayardit must go or it will be a civil
    war in the South,

  • You have been in the government before, what have you all done for the

  • This is very heart braking. But we knew this would happen before
    independence. The signs have been there. How can you have the same
    government officials with tight ties to Khartoum in the new government? We
    may have to wait for freedom after a series of conflicts stretching over
    years. Very Sad. Love for all Sudan.

  • All these people wanna be presidents.. of South Sudan.

  • for Those who are now talking on confrece show that they have been remover
    cuz of many case’s ,you guys are right for wht you said but i think its too
    late for saying this ,all of you was in government and each of you Were
    employed, but you did none to serve your people (do you well job ) that why
    you were remove it ,our prerisednt did that, not the case that you all
    thief or corrupt or etc but you will fail in what you should done ,my
    advice to you all as member of SPLA “Please Do Not Take Our Country To War
    Again “temptation Once Again temptation “Thanks You All For What You Have
    Done For This Country My God Bless You All !

  • Nyandeng is power hanger lady who think if her husband was a chairman of
    the movement, she is entitled to presidency. Therefore, she think she
    should be the President of the new founded country. The President made her
    a minister of roads and bridges, but she never constructed any road during
    her time. President then made her again as gender and human right advisor,
    she turned opposition leader instead of keeping being advisor. Now she is
    the third richest South Sudanese and richest woman in the country, but she
    still talking blaming corruption on other and forgot herself. Pagan Amom
    in other hand, is the richest person in the whole country, but claimed he
    is not corrupted. He was the one who handled the affairs of the party, but
    now he is talking about SPLM losing it vision blaming other that they have
    failed the party while he was the one in charged. Riek Machar is the third
    richest man in the country and follow by Deng Alor as the richest number
    fourth man in the country. What kind of leadership style that Riek would
    presented to South Sudan when he become a President that he couldn’t do
    when was a VP? Deng Alor should thanks God that the matter has been cooled
    down , he would be in jail by now. Deng Alor is the one who have missed up
    Abyei issue, because he been part of negotiation since day one who was a
    double agent between NCP and SPLM. Yes Deng Alor, you was the one who was
    handling the SPLM/A finance affairs during struggle era that why now you
    are bilinear, don’t deny it. Rebecca Nyandeng is a layer how cannot be
    freedom of press and expression in South Sudan while she been opposition
    voice while serving and conducting press conference freely? Let be honest,
    these people are tribalists and power hanger leaders. They only care about
    their leaderships and their regions, none of them ever mind to see war
    between South Sudanese. They are not nationalists as they claimed. This
    type of campaigning of them will jeopardize our stability, because they are
    preaching to divided the country , which is already a volcanic of tribalism
    that can erupt any time. They will be responsible if something goes
    wrong. As Deng Alor said, it’s too soon for them to fight over the power,
    they the ones who gave a room to who ever they considered as an element of
    Khartoum. You have formed a party already by challenging your own
    leadership. This is the same thing that led to split of 1991, which also
    produced genocide that kill thousands of Dinka in Jonglei, which was
    organized by the same leader of today split again; Dr. Riek Machar.
    Nyandeng have proved to the whole South Sudanese that she only care about
    her leadership not her people she is supporting the man who called her
    husband a dictator and killed thousands of people in her own community.
    Why isn’t possible for her to support Al-Bashir one day against South
    Sudan if she will never get the leadership she is yarning for. If she can
    betray her own community, then she is also ready to betray South
    Sudan. Chol Tong himself was the tribalists leader , who was supporting
    his clan in Lakes state to overpower others clans inside the Dinka
    communities, now he is calling that youth shouldn’t follow tribalists
    leaders. Youth should listen to him and don’t follow him. This kind of
    division in SPLM leadership have caused us so much in 1991, why are we
    trying it again.

  • The Young Turks

    Politics Wrecks Your Brain | Fascinating Study

    CLICK HERE http://bit.ly/17K4EV9 to watch The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur
    and Desi Doyen (Green News Report) break it down.

  • This isn’t news to me. Most people are stupid.

  • Brian Criswell

    Maybe you’re a Moderate! :)

  • This would only be a “no shit story” to those who are already aware. Many
    people are brutally oblivious to the lack of objectivity within their own
    thought process, and stories like this can help everyone.

  • So with this study in mind, I’m sure you’ve all run the numbers on legal
    gun control and have finally come to the realization that gun control laws
    have little or no effect on crime… Right?

  • Stereotypical person reading that comment: yeah everyone but ME

  • Dante monterey

    cent yugure i love you, i usually agree with you, but you completely missed
    the point of the study come on now man, dont forget that the most
    imoportant part about news delivery is unbiasism, you guys are turning into
    a liberal fox news, albeit you guys are like a thousand times more informed
    but still your going too far with the bias.

  • Its a little bit disapointing watching this. They’re talking about the
    psychology about how we reinforce our beliefs–not come to the conclusion
    of a belief–and fail to recognize that they themselves may be guilty of
    the same thing. If they just took an ounce of humility away from this study
    (which is what this study should show), maybe they wouldn’t hold their
    opinions with such zealousness.

  • It’s one thing to be ignorant of the facts, but when a person finds out the
    facts and knows them to be true, and yet ignores them because of beliefs or
    ideals, that is retarded. No wonder politics has gotten this country so
    fucked up.

  • Liberal is not the opposite of Right-Wing. You can be a left wing or right
    wing libertarian.

  • Richard Perkins.

    so what are you? lib or right wing?

  • What if my identity demands I examine all the evidence and base my
    conclusions on that?

  • TheCultivatedMind

    This is probably why the most successful politicians are typically the most
    successful liars.

  • does anyone see the irony in this coming from The Young Turks?

  • That’s why I am a Socialist. XD

  • How did stereotypical socialists think?

  • Geez, I get so sick of hearing this one-upmanship in these comments. Why
    can’t we have some “constructive” conversation for a change?

  • It’s not that they use the calculator to do simple math, it’s that they
    NEED the calculator to do simple math. And yeah, if you go camping(i mean
    real camping, not that sleep in a tent beside your car at a campground
    bullshit) then you should know how to make fire w/o a lighter. but of
    course you use the lighter when you can.

  • Is there medication for battling your incestuous desires, Eirik? If so, I
    suggest you go out and buy some.

  • Eirik Magnus Larssen

    Go take your medication.


  • Skin cream is a money making gimmick that could potentially give you skin
    cancer over years of use.

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