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Best New Ethiopian music 2014 Yegna TAITU ft Aster Aweke New Song

December 11, 2013 4:28 am

Contact Us On Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/esinaya.sammy Taitu Yegna featuring Aster Aweke official video HD Best New Ethiopian music 2014 Yegna TAITU.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by dubeneeraj: How do i move my iTunes music and software on a new computer ?
How do i move my iTunes music and software on a new computer ?
I would like to put my iTunes software and music on my new computer.
How do i transfer all of my music ?

Best answer:

Answer by Will Tomlinson
Put on a USB? All of it.

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  • HannA Almance.T

    Beautiful song with a great idea!!!
    GIRLS –>POWER!!!

  • asnakech tegene
  • Sounds nice but too POLITICAL for me and for that reason I’m disliking this
    video :-/

  • Very nice music

  • manishimwe francis pappy

    conglatulation taitu&aster

  • Awesome!

  • yamral

  • Awesome song ….really good music…for women it should be expiring

  • Agizew Betel,hem

    so Beautiful i really like it 

  • Mekuanent Dereje

    WOW really best music and video

  • Brilliant, just brilliant! 

  • B-E-A-utiful much love from Sudan <3

  • Abraham Zerihun

    betam temechtognal, hulachhum ,yefenum, tamralachu

  • Astu 4:18

  • Hey guys this song is beautiful. But this time we r really need to work
    hard and change our countries current image of high unemployment, very
    limited democracy,luck of good governance , our chronic corruption, luck of
    patriotism …etc. we have been singing for more than 100 years about
    Adewa, while other countries r booming in economy , specially those who r
    in Asia. Please, we have a proud history but currently our sisters and
    brothers are killed and abused in Arab countries only because we r poor. we
    had enough singing in the past , we had said enough about history ,now we
    need to plan and get back to work and start develop as a country. whether
    we believe it or not “tewardenal ,tenkenal batamnume batamnume bahune sat
    ejge tewardenal… guys let us weak up!

  • awet wedisheber

    astar ewedsh alew nic song 

  • Good job 

  • love this song <3 

  • In a USB pen drive

  • you can Email apple they can email you a link where you can download your song’s again if you go to the apple website and contact them.


    hope this helped

  • Copy the music folder onto a flash drive or external hard drive.

    On the new computer download iTunes again and delete the new music folder.

    Plug in the Flash drive and paste the old music folder where the new one would of been.

  • Raj,

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions. But not to worry – you’ll be able to do this in short order. First, copy your iTunes library from your old computer to a flash drive, external hard drive, or burn it to a disk. You can find your library in My Documents->My Music; copy the entire iTunes folder located there. Next, on your new computer, download and install iTunes if you haven’t already – the download can be prominently found at http://www.apple.com/itunes/. When the installation is complete, connect the flash drive, external hard drive or insert the disk into the optical drive on the new computer, and place your iTunes library onto the new computer in the My Documents->My Music directory – the same as your old computer. Now open iTunes. You will note that initially there is no music – just yet. Go to File->Import and drill down to your newly moved iTunes library and begin the process of importing all of your songs; you will need to move them and authorize them individually – I fully realize this is a pain, but I have done it quite a few times myself; a necessary evil. Once you have moved and authorized all of your songs, connect your iPod, iTouch or iPhone via USB to first authorize your iPod on your new computer. Only after it has been authorized, you can synch it – not the other way around, that is an important distinction. After you’re synched you are good to go.

    Best of luck.

  • well, it seems that a professional iTunes to iTunes Transfer can meet your needs: http://cucusoft-itunes-to-itunes-transfer.kooksoft.com
    It can backup iTunes library and backup iTunes playlist, songs, video to computer and USB storage, transfer iTunes library to new computer, it can also transfer the with the iTunes utility you can backup/recover/transfer your whole iTunes library and media files easily.
    Hope you can like it!

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